Scope of business

Adhering to the basic principle of "overall planning, key layout, innovation-driven, and coordinated development", Zhongchuang Environmental aims at innocuity, reduction and recycling, and vigorously develops the industry of innocuous disposal of solid (hazardous) wastes and comprehensive recycling of waste resources through self-construction + mergers and acquisitions.

At present, we have hazardous solid waste disposal projects under construction and operation in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and other regions, and have the qualification for the management of 9 types of hazardous waste, with an annual hazardous waste disposal capacity of 250,000 tons. The Company is now focusing on the following solid (hazardous) waste disposal fields:

1. Comprehensive recycling of resources

Extract valuable metals from solid (hazardous) wastes containing copper, zinc, lead, gold, etc.; curing and recycling of epoxy resin powder.

2. Cement kiln with disposal of solid (hazardous) wastes

Carry out technical transformation on the existing cement kiln production line to jointly dispose of urban solid waste and industrial hazardous waste.

3. Incineration, physicochemical treatment and safe landfill innocuous disposal center

Build an innocuous disposal center for hazardous wastes generated in the region for innocuous disposal by means of incineration, physicochemical treatment and safe landfill.

4. Other promising fields

For example, soil remediation, WTE plant, environmental monitoring, etc.